New Beginnings

· Recruit

The first step in the program is to attend a series of coffee mornings. This is set up in this manner to create an informal environment where we can get to know each other, learn the detail of the program vision and next steps. You will also hear encouraging messages through video, testimonies and talks. The objective of these coffee mornings is to help you to decide whether you wish to put yourself forward for the next part of the program and that you fully understand the commitment required should you decide to go forward.

From these coffee mornings,  those who wish to go forward will go through a suitability and readiness assessment. Those successful will be asked to sign a commitment declaration and Honour Code before being accepted to the next stage of the program.

· New Beginnings

The second step of the program will run for 16 weeks and is divided into 3 modules
· Faith Exploration, Learning to find God’s Plan for your life, Preparing the way and Starting the journey.
This will require attendance one day per week for 16 weeks from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. The program will involve Video and ministry teaching and where all participants will be encouraged to participate so that they can find their own relationship with God and having done so, start their own journey in that relationship.
· Skills Development.
This will require attendance one day per week for 16 weeks from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. The program aims to develop awareness and qualification in such skills as Health & Safety, Manual Handling, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) to ensure that the students are appropriately trained in readiness for re-joining the workplace, going back to education, starting your own business or working in one of the Joshua Social Enterprises. Additional courses such as communications, interview techniques will also be part of the program. This training will be delivered externally by the appropriate State Agencies.
· Work Experience.
During the 16 weeks of the training, students will spend one day per week on various and diverse work experience projects from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm.
This is intended to help students experience various work environments and also foster team building and teamwork

· Work/ Employment

It is important to point out that it is not intended that Joshua would be an end in itself for students but merely a conduit on a journey to an end. The Joshua objective for students is that they would be helped to find employment outside of Joshua through the contact made and the relationships developed with potential employers through the students involvement with one of the Joshua Social Enterprises. Alternatively, students may display ambition to start their own businesses, in which case Joshua will help mentor and support them to succeed. The opportunity is also available to students to remain within Joshua and grow into leadership positions within Joshua as it grows.

· Do I get paid?

The Joshua Community is a “Not for Profit Company” and is a Registered Charity (Reg. number 20204837) and as such, all profits generated will be invested in the Charity. It is a clear objective of the Joshua Community that those who work in the various projects will be paid an appropriate wage for the job. Initially however, until the projects are viably up and running, the employees will continue to be in receipt of State Benefit under the various schemes that are available. This will be a transitional arrangement agreed with the State Agencies.