What is The Joshua Community?

It is a Faith based Community Initiative that is focused on “LIFE Change”. It’s mission statement is that “ People may change your circumstances, but only God can change your Life”. All those in Leadership in the project have experienced this Life Change in their lives and have testimonies to share on this. The Joshua Project is a “Not for Profit Company”

Who is Joshua?

Joshua was a very important Biblical character who led God’s people into the Promised Land God has prepared for them after 40 years of them wandering in the wilderness of the desert. God changed their lives through this journey under the leadership of Joshua. During this time of transition, God also caused the sun to stand still in the sky for an extra day while his people took the land. The Joshua logo has the sun in it to remind us of what God can do.

Why us?

The project is aimed at those who feel they need a fresh start, need new direction and have been unemployed long term. This would include those who may have suffered from substance or other forms of abuse or circumstances that has inhibited their ability to move forward with their lives.